Willshire were approached by Hytorc South Pacific to help expand their international services. Hytorc operate out of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific repairing industrial torque and tension systems from steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, nuclear power plants, and wind turbines; with developed solutions for nearly every bolting application imaginable.


Their 24/7 Mobile repair service requires technical machinery and tooling to be transported around the nation and utilise a LWB Mercedes Benz Sprinter for this purpose.

In conjunction with Hytorc, Willshire has helped them achieve this goal by thinking outside the box and providing a custom service for their vehicle fit out.

All the installation was conducted at our Modern workshop along with providing certified 240V internal power for the operation of testing equipment. Willshire has finalised the fit out of two units to date with another unit already planned for completion early in the New Year.



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