Graeme first fell in love with his Buckboard at the age of 16, finding an old girl he wanted to restore and make his own. Graeme then met Tania, they got married and had children which saw his first love put on the back burner and sitting unfinished for years.

Graeme’s daughter then approached him to complete the restoration in time for her 2015 High School graduation. He approached Willshire in the hope of fulfilling his daughter’s request. We discussed his vision in detail and went through samples of material for final selection.

Graeme found an old photo of him sitting in his pride and joy before it was pulled down to rebuild. We used this to manufacture the soft hood to resemble what was once there.

The list of restoration to complete was:
• Repair seat frame, paint, foam and cover in leather trim
• Manufacture kick panels, side panels & door trims to cover in leather to match
• Lay floor covering in rubber and manufacture boot for gear stick
• Manufacture soft hood with rear solid window
• Manufacture frame work for doors for side curtains

We are pleased to say that the restoration was completed and Graeme’s daughter got her wish.



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