Autoadapt Carony® Go

The well proven Carony solution for powered wheelchairs. The car seat that transforms into a wheelchair has been one of Autoadapt’s flagship products for nearly 30 years. A caregiver swivels the seated user out of the car and docks the Carony chassis. The entire seat then easily ­slides onto the chassis and becomes a standard ­wheelchair. Going into the car is the same simple procedure in reverse.

The Elap rotating car seat is designed specifically to aid entry and exit from vehicles. Our expertise, in-house manufacturing and testing of the unit ensures we maintain our world leading position. The unit is available in several variants depending on the specific user’s requirements. Armrests, Lumbar Support & Memory Foam Cushions are all available as options.

Makes it easy getting into and out of the car for both passenger and driver. The ability to individually tailor the movement path of the Turny Evo makes it possible to keep the users’ leg space constantly optimized.

The Milford Person Lift takes all the strenous labour out of vehicle access. With the Person Hoist, there is no carrying of any sort involved. Once the hoist has been attached and the belts have been fastened, the lift automatically lifts the user out of the wheelchair and straight into the vehicle. Another great feature is that it can be used with a separately sold, optional mobile base, meaning that the Person Lift can be used around the house as an ‘in home’ lifter. For those who want to maximise their mobility, the Milford Person Lift is for you!



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