The Milford Person Lift takes all the strenous labour out of vehicle access. With the Person Hoist, there is no carrying of any sort involved. Once the hoist has been attached and the belts have been fastened, the lift automatically lifts the user out of the wheelchair and straight into the vehicle. Another great feature is that it can be used with a separately sold, optional mobile base, meaning that the Person Lift can be used around the house as an ‘in home’ lifter. For those who want to maximise their mobility, the Milford Person Lift is for you!


Aluminium Milford Person Lift

• The Milford Person Lift has been specially designed for lifting individuals from their wheelchair into a vehicle and out again with minimal effort.

• Fits most 4 door cars, most 2 door cars, people carriers and 4x4s.

• Lifts up to 111 kilograms. There is also a 133 kilogram version if required.

• The Milford Person Lift weighs just 8kg, making it very easy to carry, it also has emergency switches and optional manual operation

 Download data sheet.



• The lift can be operated by a helper or by the individual using a small control box attached to a fly lead.

• Features a very easy to use remote with only two switches, one for on/off and one for up/down.

• Controlled by a remote that can be positioned in any accessible location of the vehicle or even on the actual lift.

• Once the person has been lifted, horizontal movements are made manually, a process made easy by the low friction pivot points of the lifting device.

• The Milford Person Lift comes complete with sling and 4 compartment padded bag with carry straps.

• Sling sizes vary from extra small to extra large (amputee sling also available)

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